Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Wednesday ?

I lose track of what day it is, but the faithful blog software always gets it right. I have continued to be really busy working on web stuff, and tile stuff. Oh yea, and paperwork stuff, as in getting taxed to death. I have had a ton of taxes to do. Business taxes from the City on both condos plus on the corporation. Owner assessments on the condos to pay building insurance ...ouch :o( a ton more paperwork that I cant even remember. I am terrible at paperwork. I hate it.

But I have made myself use notebooks for everything. I have a paper punch that does all 3 holes at once, and I 3-hole-punch everything and file it away. As a result I have about 12 notebooks, and every year I have to come up with new year I was lucky and found clearance Pirate of Caribbean notebooks for something like 25 cents..I bought them all. I have used all of them now. I have to label them front, back and spine, to keep up with which is which so I got some clearance stretchy bookcovers that if I sew two together , they are large enuf to fit over the assortment of notebooks. Like a Speedo.

Gail Broussard of Louisiana has digitalized two of my drawings for her machine embroidery business. They look so cute. She sells these files online as downloads I think. She is gonna send me the file and somehow I think I can get my Brother Pacesetter sewing machine to sew them on jeans or anything. The web just puts you in touch with so many people.

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