Saturday, January 19, 2008

Friday Night

Well, almost Sat morning...don't you just hate it in winter when you finally get out of the house to run errands, etc,,,and you go into a gas station or store and check out and the person behind the counter says 'have a good evening' and I am like just starting my day for real.
They do it down here in winter. Due to the super short days, somehow they think it is evening the minute they finish lunch. That really bumms me out cause usually I have tons left to accomplish that day and am trying like crazy to get cranked up to get it all done...and not at all thinking about evening yet. Just another of the reasons I really hate winter. Well, fall is worse cause it is like the forerunner of the impending doom of winter. I really only like increasing day length, decreasing day length is not good for my bio-rythums.

This week Heather and I worked on printable stuff related to Mardi Gras, which BTW is in full force down here already. MG is very early this year, not good, from the stand point of temperature. I love parades when it is warm, but no parade, I don't care if Britney Spears is giving birth on a float, is gonna get me out in cold weather. We have been working on this week. So far so good.

This weekend, I have to work on my new tile website, I decided to make be the main one. Nothing published yet. I did get all the DNS stuff configured this afternoon. Should have something up in a couple days.

My watch quit. Always messes me up...i put on a second watch, one i keep for a travel back-up, it quit. So I was wearing 2 at that point, I added a 3rd. I am afraid if I take them off I will forget to get a new battery in them. I want a jeweler to do it and use silicone on the threads, for waterproofness. Places like W-M wont do it, and I am all about waterproof watches. Dave gave me a pretty dress-up watch for Xmas, but I save it for special stuff cause I am hard on day-to-day watches. I always get the kind that had a guard around the 'winder'. I have broken them off before when they did not have the guard.

I just looked at hotels in the Orlando area for end of April. There is the big floor covering show at the convention ctr then. I am sorta thinking about going. I saw this one place, and I am not making this up, it was over a 1000 dollars a night. The Orlando World Center Marriott Resort and Convention Center. Every night is over a thousand bucks and it had over 1000 rooms. In fact, it has 2000 rooms. Do the math. Even the Ritz-Carlton was just a little over 500 bucks per night, how could it be twice as much ????? I can't imagine who stays there. If I go , I think I will camp.

I had a phone interview this week w/ the author of an article on encaustic cement floor tiles for TileDealer Magazine. It should be the cover feature and is coming out the week of the big Orlando floor covering show...pretty cool. I signed up for a subscription to the magazine today. This might do a lot to help me sell my tile designs to others.

And, I got a call about buying my crane. A nice couple building a DAC-ART house over near Biloxi. I have met them before, first time about 4 yrs ago. I called my contractor and asked him when he thought we'd be finished w/ it and to my great delight, he said end of March-first of April. Hope it works out for them to buy it. Perfect for them and I sure need the money to finish the house.

Well, headed to bed now. Nite, nite.

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