Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Russian Kitchen

Very cool Russian kitchens. I was looking at all sorts of Russian kitchen websites today, and found this one. (CLick the Title) I added this automatically thru my toolbar) I love the curvy look. Most Euro style kitchens have very sharp edge, box-y designs. This is a more hospitable look I think. I can't find anything like it in the States. Every time I explain that I was curvy cabinets, people roll their eyes. But since the kitchen is a part of the living room area, I want it to look real-un-kitcheny and more harmonious with everything else in the room. If I cant order it from Russia at a discount, then at least I now have photos to show the cabinet-builder.

Interestingly, I found about a dozen Russian kitchen manufacturers with totally uber modern styles.

I have added photos of Russian Kitchens and links to the kitchen manufacturers here.


Elise said...

This is SO cool! You're right... we don't have anything like this in the states.

Koekkener said...

This is really cool, its really really nice kitchen. Thank you for sharing.