Thursday, January 10, 2008

The Tile of Your Dreams

Well, you will be able to order it soon. I am going into the tile business. Not just 'any' tile, no-sir-ree-bobtail. This is fabulous tile that is available and used just about everywhere in the world except the USA. Why, I don't know...but I plan to change that !!

I suppose that because it is labor intensive may be one reason it has ceased to be produced here, but I really think over time, that could change too.

If McDonalds can have monkeys squirt out catchup in controlled amounts, then I am sure my bro. Stephen can engineer a system to have encaustic tile slurry squirt out in correct colors and proportions in molds in the USA one of these days.

But for now, I have designed 6 field tile patterns and 4 tile borders & corners to be made outside the USA. Now, I have never been to this place in person, but I am sure it won't be too long B4 I need to make a biz trip. ;o)

Click the image to see it bigger.

The tiles will be named after my house project. The Villa Lagoon Collection,....and yes, I have registered the domain, that ans several others I may use...for the massive promotional campaign I will have to embark upon to make sure that these tiles gain an audience.

"Encaustic cement tiles" or "Mosaic Hidraulicos" as they are known elsewhere, are made from marble dust and fine cement and are pressed in a hydraulic press before they are exposed to water and allowed to cure. They weigh about 10 lbs. per sq ft. They come in fantastic patterns, like Persian rugs and cost about 25 bucks per sq ft delivered to your door or jobsite. Maybe even less. Well, that is for the patterned ones, the solid colors ones will be less, and you can do a rug looking design and surround it with the solid tiles. I am planning to have them made 10 inches square even tho 8 in. sq. is sorta the historical size. We will use my place for the photos for the brochures. I'll need a professional photographer...any volunteers ?

The encaustic cement tiles that are made in all the Latin countries are of historical patterns or cool art deco ones...but I am introducing tiles with seacoast themes. These tile floors are a permanent flooring solution...they last centuries. Any of you who have traveled, to Europe or Mexico, Latin America, Vietnam, and elsewhere have seen this type of flooring. It is majestic. The color goes deep into the tile so wear is no problem. The finish is waterproof and scratch proof and only needs to be waxed occasionally. They grow more beautiful with age. Cuba is full of them.

The same tile can be rotated in different ways to produce different flooring effects. Note the one here with sailboats, it looks good tessellated 90 degrees and also in a fish scale pattern.
Anyway....I am having the molds made now and we are pushing to have the tile samples ready for the Coverings Show in Orlando in end of April. I'll be busy on hand-outs and brochures as well. Oh yea, websites too.

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