Thursday, January 03, 2008

Browser Add-on

I usually dont like interactive browser add-on stuff, but honestly, I have found Snap-Shots to be a big help and also a time saver when looking over search engine results...i can spot a MFA or spamy page before i open it and just move on to the next.

I just found out, after making the preceding post that the Snap-Shots device will allow you to scroll thru a page of flicker photos like a slideshow without having to load the entire flicker page. See my screenshot of how it works.

Remember, you can click the image to see it bigger.

I dont know what the business model for Snap-Shots is, maybe they just sell userdata stats to others...maybe later it will become ad-laden. (It already has that small 'related-searches' list in blue, so technically, those are ads probably )..I'll uninstall it if that happens. But for now, I find it helpful.

OK--just went to their site and it is aimed at getting site owners to install Snap-Shots on the site or blog, but quite frankly, I think it resides on my computer, not my site. I remember ck'ing it out to see how to install it on a site, and I suppose I downloaded something, but as a result the software now works on every site I visit if I want it to. I don't think I get it installed on the site itself..did I ? Let me know if you see it too, please. Use comments function so all can see it.

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Carol said...

Hi L,

That's cool! Loved the anatomical drawings - specifically the heart on the chest and the foot bones. The double helix seems to be a popular thing. Thanks for keeping me up to date!