Saturday, January 19, 2008

Resession Related Searches

Yahoo's Molly McCall at The Buzz Log reports that Yahoo searches
have spiked in the past week regarding "recession"

She writes:

"Over the past seven days, searchers propelled queries on
'economic recession' and 'recession' upwards. Lookups like 'last
u.s. recession' and 'recession proof jobs' spiked. Even
'stagflation' - a term not normally found strolling the Buzz
aisles-more than doubled its numbers."
The phrase "definition of a recession economy" is up 500%; "what
is a recession" is up 260%.

This is seen heaviest in
places you might expect, where the real financial centers are like
New York, Illinois, and California. Strangely, the recession-
related searches are extra-heavy in Tennessee, too.

As the for square states, the nobody-lives-there states, and the-
economy's-always-bad-anyway states, they don't seem to be all that

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