Thursday, January 22, 2009

Home Inspectors are Pessimists

We got back the inspection report on Momma and Daddy's would not want to live there. According to the inspection report, this moldy, termite damaged, leaky, shack is about to collapse. Well, maybe not collapse right away, but certainly over time. Boo hoo....we will have to see what happens. The buyers have asked for a contract extension to recover from their shock. This is a hopeful thing...if they wanted to walk away , they could.

I am hopeful that they will submit an amended contract, asking for a fix-it-up allowance...maybe their son-in-law is Norm Abrams. Who knows.

I just realized that I have these very dark hinges on all the doors in the new house and that is a mistake. They look like holes in the wall from across the room. Oh well...I suppose I will white-wash them eventually. I have been over there white-washing ceiling panels today. There are TONS to so. I get them done 10 at a time and then I have to take a break.

We still have a leak under the first floor bathroom...water had run out into the hallway today. We shut the water to the whole house off until our plumber can get back to tend to it. I talked to him yesterday, his son broke his leg and he is in the hospital to have tests run for this critical high blood pressure thing that has been going on for a while.

It has just been work-work-work since I got back from Mempho. My bookkeeper people want all this info in preperation of taxes and making W-2's and all that. Plus my tile shave been specified for the restaurant floor in a Golf Club house in the Miami area...yeah ! But I have gotten a ton of emails and phone calls from contractors who are bidding on this project. Dasve has helped me tons, I have had to quickly make up all sorts of contractor, designer, architect and distributor price lists. Dave is good on Excell so he is making me all these charts. I als o got a good call from CA about the tile today, someone who presents 'new' products to architects and designers once a month. I wish I had some time right now to do some promotion of the tile....hopeflly soon. I want the tile to be my main gig.

I submitted a huge list of domains to the folks running a big domain auction at the end of this month. Out of about 50 they chose one to be in the
Hope it sells for enuf to pay my domain costs for the whole list.

Big news around here is this guy who was flying his private plane and called in w/ engine trouble and then jumped from his plane and parachuted down safely. His plane was on auto-pilot but ran out of gas north of Pensacola and crashed. Thankfully it did not kill people on the ground. He was arrested at a Tampa campground. He screwed up becasue when he called in engine trouble, the ground control sent up military planes to have a look ( there are tons of bases around here !) and they saw the plane flying along pilot-less with the door standing open !! I think he miss-calculated and maybe meant to let the plane go down in the Gulf...oh probably his (almost former) wife is stuck w/ the plane monthly note and no insurance money for the demolished plane and a husband in jail. Bummer...

Was cold as 'up North' here for last few days but is suppose to be in 70's next couple days. Yeah...

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