Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Family News

Momma is not doing so well. She had a minor wreck on Friday and I talked to her Fri night and she sounded fine. Turns out that she got up to go to bathroom that night and never got off the potty.
The security guy at The Village found her on the floor late Sat. She was bleding from hitting her elbow.
(There is a pull cord right by the potty in Momma's bathroom but she didn't use it. )

They called Cary in K'ville who in turn called Lisa who is skiing in CO, so Cary got Daddy's sister and her husband to go see about her and they took Momma to hospital. When Cary called hospital Sat morning she found out that Mom was back home, she had called a cab at 4 a.m. to take her home !!!!
Now she is too weak to do much. We don't know why. But, i remembered the shots that she got in her back vertebra a week or two ago and wondered if there might be a connection.

Stephen drove up Sunday and fixed her food and did stuff for her. He went back to be at work on Monday and Cary along w/ Frances drove over from K'ville on Monday. Today they took Mom's car to repair place and tomorrow they have an app't w/ the Campbell's Clinic Dr. who did the back shots.

I know that Momma has just really gotten all settled into her 2 Bd Rm cottage but she may have to move to the apt. part of Village of G'town if that is a higher level of assistance. We are looking into all that now.
This was Momma's first Xmas w/out Daddy and their anniversary is Dec 30th, they were married something like 56 years. She was really 'down' over Christmas, understandably.
My plan right now is to go up to see her on Sat. I'm planning to stay for 4 or 5 days then really do need to get back here to get this house finished.

Cary told me today that their good friend, the mayor of K'ville, Bill Haslam is running for Governor of TN and the paper announced it today and said Herbert, her husband is going to be his finance manager.

The mayor named longtime friend and Knoxville lawyer Herbert Slatery as his campaign treasurer, with Nashville consultant Kim Kaegi to serve as fundraising coordinator.

His family owns the Pilot Truck Stops and gas stations. Sometimes Cary flies to Memphis for the day when there is an extra seat on the Pilot jet.

Today I whitewashed tons of components for the coffered ceiling that goes in the Lv/Kit area. I have a ton more to do...prob all day tomorrow and then some.

All for now...

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