Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inaragaral Day

Pretty sunny, but way chilly day here.

I need to design a contemporary bed frame that my carpenter or Dave can build out of ordinary wood. I want a sloped headboard for coffee and reading in bed. For TV watching too. But upright for reading like newspapers. I have just never understood why people would want a vertical headboard. Anyway, I figure that I can make a wood frame one and use a staple gun and some batting and vinyl or upholstery fabric and do a quickie cover-up over wood frame. I need legs on it too to set mattress/box springs (maybe as that is not really necessary but I already have a normal king set) on. I could do legs that show or legs that get covered w/ box pleat or mini-pleat bedskirt. I kinda like the look of the crushed pleat fabric on bedskirts...Fortneroy (sp?) style. I also like Hula grass skirt raffia, but I guess that is for another bedroom !

I also like up in air exposed legs but bed is heavy and it takes some serious legs. Maybe bro. Stephen can weld some creative legs for me.

We made a bed frame in Memphis once using milk cartons on the four corners. Plywood under mattress. Made navy blue bedskirt to cover all of it. Used it 25 years.

I have to go out and buy a disposal this a.m. I think someone stole mine....Ahrrrrr.....
Dave, Dan and I , have already spent too many hours looking for it, if I find it (not likely) I'll give it for a Xmas present.... :o)

Glad I am not in Washington DC today !!! On TV it looks like Gandhi's funeral. I can't imagine looking for a porta-potty or keeping warm or getting in the traffic. I do wish I was there w/ a couple cases of knit hats to sell tho !!! Enterprising people would have gone to fabric stores and bought up all the marked down polar fleece and quickly chopped out thousands of scarfs and be selling them. That stuff is light weight to carry around. I'll be glad when my house is done and I make a lot of money on tile or something and I can quit thinking like this !!!

Momma got a contract on her old house while I was in Memphis. First contract to have come on the house.

Got call from Momma's real estate agent...house inspection yest. turned up bad termite damage under house. She has a termite co contract, but the fine print can give them loopholes. New potential buyers are spooked, I am told. Our agent is on top of it and doing everything possible to make this sale work. She needs to unload that house asap...on market 2 years, priced from 800,000 now down to 500,000 in the totally stagnant Memphis market--the nations capitol of bankruptcies. No lie.

We need to sell that house. There is also $400+ monthly utility bills, taxes, insurance, satellite connected burglar alarm, yardman, ...huge burden. And risk.

And speaking of Stephen...he now as a patent on a clever bug, slug, ant proof dog bowl. A project he has been working on for some time. You just never know what the Pridgen kids are up to. Did you know that Lisa and Henry went to Africa few months ago? Can you imagine Lisa in Africa ?? I have not seen the photos yet, but they went on a mission trip for church planting w/ local pastors.

I am off to buy a disposer and white thinset to do a trial of the mosaic countertop idea that i have.

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