Monday, January 05, 2009

One of these days I will return...

to blogging about useful and cool things.

Meanwhile, I am overwhelmed with stuff to do. We got the Cert. of Occupancy on the house before the end of 2008 which was our goal. But there is tons-tons-tons left to do. Some of it can wait, but some of it, must be done now. One of those now things is the Cuban ceiling effect in the main bedroom. The ceiling is 20+ feet tall. We have scaffolding set up in there now, on top of the fabo tile floor and it is so tall, I am scared to climb up to the top. I want that ceiling primed, painted and outfitted with little strips of wood before I move in. The room is so big and so concrete that the echo is unreal. I am not cant even stand in there and talk face to face with anyone. The wood ceiling effect should help.

Also, I realized that the house basically has no closets. Ted often overlooks closets when drawing plans, He just says to get some armories. So I looked on ebay and low and behold, the same folks that I bought the fancy sideboard from way back in 2002 had these two incredible Italian gigantic armories for sale. One is mahogany and one is walnut but they are very similar. Both have 3 mirrored doors each and fancy-pants carving on top. I made him an offer on both of them together and he took it. One is in N.Y. and the other is still in Italy and has to be brought over.

The thing is, I got these huge antique armories for less than the construction cost of trying to make closets somewhere in the house and they will be a lot more fun to look at. It wil be several months before they arrive.

My tile biz is keeping me really busy too. Since all the tile is custom made for each order, you end up talking to the clients a lot usually. One couple drive over from Waveland, Miss to see my tile floors this past weekend. Really nice people. They travel a lot and love these floors from Argentina visits.

But my real big deal is making the reproduction tile for an important Los Angeles landmark that has been 20 years in the process of deciding what to do with the historic property. The total order is over 10,000 tile. But the hard part is the tile have to be exactly like the 1920 tile which is no longer made in this country. And every step has to be approved by a whole panel of board members and historical society folks. We have to have custom molds made and lots of strike-offs sent via air freight to California for approval. Lots of little twists and turns to this big job but will be a real feather in my cap in the end.

I think I am going to Memphis to spend some time w/ Momma this weekend. It has been a while since I was there. Almost a year. She has been really understanding about the house project taking all my time, and Cary has been really good about going to see here several times this year.

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