Monday, January 12, 2009

News from Memphis

They have cold winters up here ! So far, not so bad, but it is suppose to get r-e-a-l-l-y cold later this week. Luckily I brought ear muffs and gloves and my $10 Walgreens fluffy muffler/scarf.

Today Momma and I went to W-M and several stops, plus app't at PT for first visit. It was mostly an evaluation but she sent Mom home with a page of 6 exercises that I am just about sure that momma will do at most once or twice at most if left to her own devices. She is suppose to go back for several twice a week sessions at Campbell Clinic's (big Mempho ortho group) PT dept. A super tall beautiful blonde girl with a nice Southern double name did the strength evaluation on Mom. When asked if she ever fell or had balance issues, Mom was all smiles as she reported, Why no, she is just fine, maybe a little weak, but otherwise fine. On the side, I was doing hand motions of person collapsing on the horizontal.

That adorable Geary Irwin took us to lunch at the Mexican rest. in the OakHall shop ctr on Poplar. We met Geary there and had a great visit. She is amazing. About a size 2 still, cute as can be and 85 yrs old. She has this swingy whiter hair and a bounce in her step and still works 2 or 3 days a week at The Pink Palace gift shop. Her mind works at 150 mph still and she is so witty and sharp. I love spending time with her, a great role model.
All 3 of us ordered the mushroom and black bean quesadillias. I asked for extra fresh chopped cilantro. I would have to rate them as so-so. Not bad, but certainly not divine or inspired. There are great cooking shows on TV 27/7 now....why don't all restaurants aspire to great heights w/ seasonings, crispness, freshness, etc...I just don't get it.

Tomorrow Momma has an app't w/ an internist, Michael Pruitt. She likes him. I know him from way back. She is seeing him about several things, one being her persistent cough. I think she is aspirating. She thinks she picked up something in the emergency room last weekend. She seems to forget that she has had a cough for last couple years. Daddy had a big problem w/ the food going down the wrong pipe thing , as did Mr. Kaestle, a friend of mine who died of old age. Unfortunately other than making all your food have the consistency of goop, so it slides down in one blob, I dont think there is much they can do for the swallowing thing. We used to tell Daddy to swallow w/ his head tucked down, chin to chest, because the therapist told us to tell him that. But I tried it recently, and it is uncomfortable and takes the fun out of eating. Daddy almost never did it, and she prob won't either.

Momma got an offer on the old house today...The agent, Stepehn's friend Ward Walthaul (sp?) brought a contract. Trouble is that the amount offered is not enuf for her to pay off the mortgage she took to move to Village of G'town, so I don't know. She signed it but later Cary called and said that Herbert said not to. But it may be too late and a done deal. I was there and she signed it (I didn't know how much her loan was and the details of all that). I was just glad to think that finally it might be sold, her taxes are huge, ins, upkeep, etc...The buyers also want a home inspection and they can walk away if they don't like what they hear. So it is not for sure but one good thing is that they do not have to sell a house to buy hers.

Momma has been really weepy and it is no surprise, this was her first Xmas w/out Daddy, their anniversary was Dec. 30 and now the finality of (maybe) finally selling the home. I told her this was very normal. I was sad the day I closed on Miller's condo. Also same thing when I sold the VW Thing that Miller and I had bought together. I knew it was best to sell them but still was sad over the whole situation.

I am in the library of Village of G'town and ready for a cold beer. So I am ending and heading back to the cottage. Besides, Momma got me a cute 20 dollar dress at W-M today and I want to try it on. Guess whenever I get around my sister Lisa I get real fashioned minded :o)

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Ruth said...

Thanks so much for keeping us updated on what's up in Memphis. It's great that you can be there for a little while. Love, Ruth