Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Memphis in the Meantime

Today was sunny and chilly. Momma and I spent most of the day at Dr office, errands, getting prescriptions, buying her a deciduous holly to plant here at Village of G'town, etc...she has yard man lined up to come tomorrow and secretly dig out the Village planted smoke tree that she hates and plant the holly we bought at Dan West's. She and I also loaded (I loaded) the loose bricks at the old home driveway edge to be used to widen the narrow driveway here at the Village. Momma's faithful yardman, Man, will do the digging. I will do the supervising. I am sick of getting out of my wide car into a squishy flowerbed every time I come to see her. They scrimped on pavement. We will fix it. Much easier to say "I'm sorry" to the admin. for unauthorized landscaping than to get permission.

Turns out she has some pneumonia in her left lung. She has a 1 week round of antimicrobial. Doc didnt want to start her on anything else, like maybe Wellbutrin for depression right now, one thing at a time. The doc was nice and friendly and really did not want to hear about 3 complaints in what was suppose to be a follow-up visit from some recent past ailment, but turned out to be a 3 new separate complaint visit. I had to verbally snag him as he tried to escape. Whoa Doc, we have only covered 2 points, come back and have a seat.

She was amazed that he sorta, no make that completely, brushed off the hot-flash--night sweats complaint. He also brushed off the IBS complaint and said she should see a specialist about it or my cousin Dr. Skip Pridgen in Tuscaloosa. I told him that she needed one dr that could oversee all of it, not different docs in different states when it would be mostly her by herself consulting them or him. He still would not address the IBS issues.

She thinks she picked up the cough and pneumonia in the visit to emergency room about 10 days ago..who knows, maybe so, but she has been coughing for a couple years but can or will only remember coughing for last 10 days. If what I tell the doc doesn't match what she has already decided, she tells us both to hush-up. She coughs much worse when eating or drinking...bad sign.

Looks like there is an accepted contract on Momma's Freeman Oaks house subject to the house inspection. That should happen this week, so she should know something by Monday. I asked Ward W. to pls call me or one of the other kids w/ all details as Mom tends to get things confused and he will not pick up on it at first, maybe. She is a great faker...speaks with tons of authority I told him. He understands.

We had dinner in the cafe here. Momma told me bluntly that I was not dressed properly for the dining room. I thought I looked jes fine.

We were on our way walking to the Cafe (across the hall from dining room) when I saw Ruth Morrow walking to dinner. Ruth was wearing hose, black kid pumps and a smart black and white 2 piece wool suit with a classic bowed silk blouse. She had matching clutch and perfectly coifed hair (as she has had every day of her entire life) . I asked her if she had been somewhere important today...no, she was simply dressed for dinner.

We had a good supper in the cafe at a table with mom's friends Charlene Mattingly, Dorothy ?, (me and Momma). They had a very lively and laughter-filled conversation which included news, gossip, reminiscing, and scrambled facts. It was a hoot. They all speak w/ great authority on all subjects. The word 'proper' comes up now and again...as in "proper upbringing" , done in the "proper manner", "done properly". It is not said in an snooty uppity way necessarily, just a pronouncement that something has been done in a way they approve of, not in a casual, sloppy, or sinful way.

Folks, this is the end of an era.

I tried to imagine what an upscale retirement home would be like for me and my friends...I think take-out and to-the-door delivery would have a bigger emphasis. Maybe more live music, maybe more experimental opportunities. I don't know tho...maybe when the marbles start to roll around a bit , we'll be just like the group here. But I think there will be a lot less stockings and hosiery.

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Carol said...

I'm sure these elegant seniors still dress up to travel on airplanes. Yes, times have changed - for the better in my opinion! Keep in mind our biz plan for the cruise ship retirement village. Even if we just floated around the Gulf (to be close to medical care), wouldn't it be a blast! Or maybe the mighty Mississipp near M-town...