Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Send Valentines

Well, Valentines Day is your chance to make amends to all the people who send you Xmas cards every year and you don't send cards to and also to contact all the old friends that you wish you had time to keep up with. Heather and I have made these great Valentines for you to print for free....we put them all on PrintPicnic. See www.PrintPicnic.com free printable Valentines.
Grab a pair of scissors an some double stick tape and you can make them 3-D.

Speaking of 3-D, did you hve your 3-D glasses for Superbowl Ads ? Also for that insipid so-called-comedy "Chuck" that was broadcast in 3-D the next night ?
I am all about 3-D, I love it, but pleeeeese, give me Masterpiece Theater" or 'My Name is Earl" in 3-D , not that stupid show "Chuck".

I think ALL tv should be in 3-D.

Well, new topic, now my 'ring' finger on my right hand is becoming a 'trigger finger' ...holy cow. I sure can't afford surgery on another finger. Why am I getting trigger fingers one after another ?

I read up on it online, am taking Ibuprofen and changing up hands from how I usually use them,,,,doing right handed stuff with left hand and vice versa. Do you have a backwards keyboard I could borrow? Oh wait, I'd need to move all the plastic keys around for that to work. I think. Anyway, Mayo Clinic says to sleep in a finger brace...fortunately I still have some bailing wire to make one. It also says to go get a shot in your joint...I might do that if I can find a hand doc that I have confidence in. My thumb surgeon retired right after my case. Right now I have no time to go traipsing off to big cities in search of hand specialists. If I am going to do that, I need Botox specialist in the worst kind of way. This has been a big time wrinkle year for me. Boo Hoo. I suppose one has these plateaus and then,,,whamo--Grand Canyon....this has been a G.C. year for me.

BUT...dear friends of mine have way worse problems than wrinkles...so I have a lot to be thankful for.

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