Monday, January 15, 2007

Senseo Coffee Makers-I'm Hooked

Well , Phillips/Sara Lee knew what they were doing when they mailed me a free one. At first I wasn't so sure that I'd prefer it to my regular coffee maker, but now I find myself hand carrying it back and forth from kitchen to kitchen because I so prefer the morning coffee from it and its expensive little pods.

I tried a Presto gizmo that I picked up locally that is suppose to allow you to use regular ground coffee in the Senseo but it was totally unacceptable. I called Presto about it, and from the sound of the customer service rep, seems like I was not the only one calling. So forget the Presto thing and fork over the extra buck or two for the real deal.
I have just placed a bid for a second one on ebay.

I have a few gripes about the packaging the pods come in, there are several brands. I noticed today that the Maxwell House brand has a better method to open the package than the previous ones I've bought...maybe they had some real people, half-awake, no glasses, attempt to open the old style and came to the conclusion that improvements were in order. I can still think of several other ways they can make the packaging better...but they have not asked...yet. I think most coffee brands are making these small 'pods' as they are called. I imagine the 'warehouse clubs' will offer them too at some point. Phillips has been very agressive in marketing these units in the States. They gave away a ton of them, and you can buy the coffee makers at all discount stores now.

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