Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Mystical Banjo Music

Well, I took a nap today...i had a big Cosmos lunch (biz of course) and it was cold, dreary, and it started raining . When I walked in the door at the Lagoon house, I was overtaken by bed gravity. (In case you don't know this term, frequently used by Dave Berry at the Miami Hearld, while couldn't find a concise definition for you, I did find this reference to bed gravity found in a scientific paper: (lumpen = unit of resitance to getting out of bed gravity x intertia x apathy ) which gives you the gist.

So now, after several cups of coffee, I am tying to get into a productive mode, but I am still transitioning, and have somehow gotten sucked into YouTubeWarp...so I'll share these three mini concerts that have been helping me transition, all with a common thread...err...string.

Pretty cool but boy do I wish he'd pick up that banjo leaning against the wall on the right.

Spectral Path

Now this fellow does have his banjo in hand:
Mongolian Throat Singing --Xue ting in red light

Mohamad Aznkd with Banjo and doing Cher-Singing

Now for the really fun part: Click the play button on all three , one right after the other. For this you probably will really need broadband, (this works great on my computer) but hey, if you don't have braodband, it is worth it, pick up that phone immediately and order DSL or cable internet NOW.

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