Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Let your fingers do the walking

Tonight I sent my first text message. It only took about the same amount of time that a message chisled in stone would have. Up until now the only text messages I have received were a few from Cingular that proudly announced that they were no-cost, and encouraged me to sign up for nifty at-cost features. BUT tonight I got a REAL text message from Lauren Flinn Campbell, one of Miller's former girlfriends and friend. It boldly said "Reply", so I figured I would. I can see that I need a tutorial. I did not know how to do a carriage return or capitals, but I didn't care what it cost (I mean HOW much COULD it be ?) I figured that it was time for me to enter the age of technology. Of course, had it not been for adequate strength reading glasses, any text messaging would be out of the question, no matter how nimble my fingers are.

OK--so now I have been initiated into that world. Be looking for future text messages from me.

I am practising dancing Zydeco. I got a call from a guy I know from Memphis. He is hanging out here this winter (who can blame him) and he is doing free Zydeco dance classes at Phoenix III Condos on Friday afternoons at 4 p.m. He needs a dance partner. He is a much better dancer than I am. But hey, these are beginner classes. He said beteeen 25 -30 showed uop for the first class !!!

I had forgotten how cool (trippy) the movie "Pleasantville' just popped on since my Zydeco dance instruction DVD has been on pause for an hour. Jeff Daniels has made some good movies. The B & W vs Color theme is intriguing. How do you see the world ?

Today was a FABO warm and sunny day. Great weather for unloading my U-Haul trailer. Bless his heart......Glenn came right on time and exclaimed "I thought you said you were ready for me" I said "I am"...of course he was thinking, clear path , big pieces only....but that is not how life works. He was a great sport and when he left, the trailer was empty. I must make him some cookies or SOMETHING.

NOW...It is a freezing 39 degrees tonight. (I am sure I will hear from the Chamber of Commerce for announcing this. )
I went over to the Lagoon house for a while , but came promptly back over to the land of bath-tubs for an ultrahot soak after a WHOLE day of unpacking and sorting and arranging furnuiture.


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