Friday, January 26, 2007

Another Miracle !

Rubber tapper Kamariah Koning, 52, said since her 23-year-old daughter Siti Suhana Saadon was featured on TV3 on Monday, people have been coming to her Taman Cempaka Dua, Durian Tunggal home from far and wide. And the telephone has not stopped ringing.

"People just want to know how the stones grow from my daughter’s toes.

"We are not looking for publicity, but we want someone to research on this and heal my daughter," she said.

Kamariah said that the skin under Siti Suhana’s toenails opens up, releases a stone and then closes itself.

"I don’t work as I have to care for my disabled brother. Also, I feel weak when the stones are about to come out," said Siti Suhana.

The stones, she said, normally come out in fives, but in the past few days only two marble-sized stones have appeared, she said. Read More

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Anonymous said...

Well, L,

I have to admit, this is better than your long-ago post with your dying toenail. If you could figure out a way to produce something valuable from the poor toe, that would be good. So strange. Is it like a kidney stone? Well, on to more pleasant things. love, C