Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year

Perfect weather down here for mid-winter and New Years festivities. Last night was about 65 degrees....ideal. The chamber spokesman has asked me to be sure to point that out....I often get a phone call when I report something like 'bitter cold' or similar.

Cosmos, all of my friend's favorite restaurant, was reservation-full, but we took our chances and got a spot at the bar for a dinner of Japanese salads and sushi. That sweet ultra-waitress, Ginny Lynn was there sporting a new 'do' and a big smile. Ginny, who is an artist by day, is decorated in exotic tattoos and often surprises us with different hair colors and styles.

The Wharf in Orange Beach threw a big free outdoor party along the main drag where shops and restaurants are just beginning to open in this huge, new, grand-e-ous development. It was very 'family friendly' which was a great thing considering that is the theme of this resort area. The tall palms were all lit up along the main street and a big stage with the fabulous Tip Tops was at the north end.

The Wharf had one of those Living Statue Performance Artists, I guess that is what you call them, anyway, you frequently see them in Barcelona and Amsterdam public parks and such, but not around here, so it was a bit of a novelty. She would move every 5 minutes or so.

Santa, taking a beach break, seemed to be enjoying himself.

I am usually not a big fan of cover bands that just perform old hits, but the Tip Tops are an exception. They really are, as my friend Dave stated, "A Review". I counted eleven in the band last night (I might be off by one or two) and they are so talented and so tight that it is a pleasure to get to see them in action.

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Seems that every member has a great voice and they just take turns singing lead. Funny thing, we were laughing last night and commenting on the fact that ours is probably the only Chamber of Commerce in the nation who hired a band like the Tip Tops for their annual general membership meeting. Things are just different at the beach.

My friend, Tara Gifford, has opened a second Blue Girl Beading Shop at The Wharf. Tara bestowed hugs and kisses and gave me a great pair of earrings as a New Years surprise. She is really a sweetie. Her new shop has a special demonstration area for glass bead making. It faces the storefront windows so passers-by can watch her using her torches and glass rods to make specialty beads for the shop.

On to Lulu's........

Lulu's (named for Jimmy Buffett's sister, Lucy) over on the Intercoastal Waterway had a full house.

The band was Wet Willie, (unfortunately, minus a sax player). This band is mostly remembered for the Southern Rock hit that included the lyrics:
because ya' know I love ya' baby,
well, you know I love you baby.
If I don't love you baby,
grits ain't groceries and eggs ain't poultry,
and Mona Lisa was a man.
Lucy Buffett looked like she was having a good time and dancing with her husband.

Lulu's is a no cover venue. It was wonderfully refreshing to see Gulf Shores/ Orange Beach locations offer all these festivities to the public and allow a come and go approach to the evening.

Happy New Year to All


sandi @ the whistlestopcafe said...

I love LuLu's~ have you ever had their Key Lime drink? It is the best!

Lundy said...

Have not had it but you can believe that the next time I go, I will order it. Thanks.

They make great Majitos (sp?) with handfulls of fresh mint. I could drink them all night but the always run out of mint. Ver-r-r-ry refreshing.