Tuesday, January 02, 2007

On the Road Again

Looks like I will be driving to Mempho on Thurs. Momma has packers lined up to come on Thurs and Fri for their move to the new house. I probably won't get much added to the blog in next few days, even tho there is a lot I'd like too.

Between getting my important stuff (that means stuff more important than this blog ) ready and all that goes w/ leaving town and the almost non-existent Internet access for me in at my parents, I will probably be unable to update much. You will simply have to browse the web on your own to uncover interesting tid-bits....and believe me they are out there.

I brought a book of Momma's down here and have almost finished. It is "Being Dead is No Excuse". While it is written about Southern funerals by two Southern gals who know, it is not side-splitting funny (likeSouthern Fried Divorceis (you can get it used for 5 cents for goodness sakes)) but it does have some recipes that look pretty good if calorie or health issues do not stand in your way. The book is about throwing a proper funeral and the food offerings that should go along with it.

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