Friday, January 05, 2007

Big Job

Wow, this is sho nuff some job here. 3 ladies have packed all day for 2 days. They are planning to come back Monday a.m.
I would have started taking stuff over 5to the new house but I walked in today and the floor guys had left it a huge mess. HUGE mess. I had to rush back here and get the floor guy on the phone, he swears they will come get the tools and wood scraps , etc...and clean some tomorrow a.m.
Sawdust is everywhere.

I think Momma may find that there is not going to be enuf room for what she is planning on taking over. Esp in the cooking category. Cookbooks, jello molds, etc...

I hope the interior decorator gets on over here and says what goes and what doesn't. There is still some confustion about that. He has been out of town.

It is a really strange feeling seeing so many go/no-go/trash/goodwill decisions being made over so many things that are just such a big part of this house, our childhood and my Mom's identity. So many things we just can't bear to part with, plus my other sdisters ar4e not here so I hate to think they would have really wanted something that we tossed.

The dining room has a big pile of 'if you want it, grab it' stuff.
I am going to put together a box of kitchen stuff for Glenn. Today I called the Orange Mound Community Ctr and they put me in touch w/ the lady that teaches ceramics there. Just happened that she was leaving a dr app't out east, so I got her to meet me at a church parking lot and I loaded her car down w/ plaster ceramic molds. I have since found two more boxes, so she gave me her pastors address , which is really close by, so I can drop them off there for her. There is still plenty of the stuff from my old house out in the guest house that I am having to go fact I am headed back out there now. Maybe I can crank up some music and I'll open a cold Bud.
I am tired !

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