Saturday, January 06, 2007

Dial-Up is making me nuts, or is it something else

Either the earth is spinning faster and therefore my mind is working faster or dial-up has gotten slower than ever. I got onto an unsecured wireless connection for a few minutes tonight, but it was too weak to stay connected. So I am back to Earthlink dial up. It would be next to impossible to do any web business on dial-up. It is next to impossible to just ck email and do mundane tasks. OK--enuf whining.
I am on my itty bitty laptop w/ mini keyboard so I am prome to typo's.

Stephen arrived today, yea. It is great having him around. Momma and I went to the new place, and yes, Randy the floor guy had gotten over there to get his tools, and throw outhis trash (most, not all)and since he had done that, Stephen and I werte able to see numerous places that need attention. Sloppy workmanship. When we got home, we told Momma not to pay him until he deals with several punch-list issues we easily spotted.

We measeured for in-cabinet kitchen slide out drawer-trays and for additional shelves in closets and Stephen and I went to Home Depot, Lowes, and got what we could. I got online and here and ordered more for the extroadinary narrow cabinets in kitchen. The traffic and number of red lights in Cordova make it an ordeal to go anywhere. Tomoroow Stephen will begin to mount the stuff we bought and go back for more parts once he sees just what we need to make the best use of the space.

We had a good laugh after a carry out dinner of gumbo as Daddy told us that once black bears invaded the hospital thru the back door. He said they were looking for tree bark. Daddy tells us many odd and strange stories now-a-days. He told us that Momma couldn't see the color dark-red anymore, and asked me if I missed seeing that car that just drove by because I might have the same problem. I just said, "Yea Daddy, it went by so fast, no way I could see it" and he is fine if you just sorta agree w/ him. Lately he is obsessed with the condition of the tops of his ears. He says there is dead tissue on them that hurts. It used to be his teeth, and he thought everything he ate got in them and bugged him. He wears a hat in the house most all the time and has misplaced his British plaid wool golfing hat that he wore the first few days. Now he is wearing a British wool Sherlock Holmes style hat that he once brought back from a trip for his dad. He sat in front of the TV on golf channel all day while we buzzed all around him packing and so forth. Mostly it was infomercials.

There is so much to do that sometimes I feel like I am just spinning my wheels and don't know what to do next. Momma is rather relaxed. The doctor gave her some pills to help in that respect and she has been utilizing them to good effect.

Well, believe it or not, I slept until 11 a.m. this morning...crazy...but Daddy was still asleep when I got downstairs !! and Momma was having no big rush around here....that is for sure. But I am headed to bed tonight, now at 11:30 so I can get up at a decent hour. Stephen is here now and he is an early bird. Cary arrives tomorrow I think. Lisa is in Colorado at their ski place till the 13th, but she put in big time last week getting tons of paperwork and Dr stuff w/ Daddy accomplished for the move and was really my hero last week. If it wasnt for Lisa, this move might not even be happening. Momma got rather outdone w/ her last week but Lisa told her that she was doing what all the bro and sisters said had to be acomplished and that Momma could just fuss at us some instead of all at her, cause it HAD to be done. It was Lisa who called and booked the Moving Co in the first place, that sort of thing so we are all greatful for Lisa's particular talent for making things happen NOW.

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