Tuesday, April 15, 2008


I just polished my silver...i get tired of sitting here re-building 10 years worth of web pages due to Microsoft's edict that FrontPage is obsolete. So I stood at the sink and polished about 5 years worth of tarnish off flatware. Very satisfying...now I am not embarrassed to hand anyone a fork and the nice bird designs show up more clearly that they are shiny against the darker background (deep tarnish aka patina).

So now the Internet savvy criminals will probably come looking for my spoons and forks. Speaking of crime, I am just so outdone w/ our local newspaper. They seem most reluctant to publish the local crime reports. If there is a rash of burglaries in our neighborhood, we need to know. I have looked into the matter and counter to what they say, the Police Dept emails them to the Islander, our newspaper, every Friday unless the gal is on vacation, then she says she tries to play 'catch-up' when she returns. I went by newspaper office this week and asked when the crime reports were run and was there any rhyme or reason to the way they occasionally ran the crime low-down. The old fellow I spoke to said irrational things, like "are you trying to get me in trouble?" and "you don't know what you are getting into"... so there seems to be something going on that Nancy Drew should look into. Who is behind this suppression of news? I want to get on the Police Report mailing list and publish them on my gulf shores website.

Another nutty thing was that the guy at the newspaper said "you want to see a really crummy paper, get a copy of the Fairhope Courier"...it is a sister publication from the same company.

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this is your local mafia branch saying crime is not a problem her in jersey, I mean Gulf Shores. watch out, or you might find a redneck's head in your bed!