Monday, June 14, 2010

The Pres in my Neighborhood

Pres Obama and about 50 secret servicemen and motorcyclists flew by this afternoon. It was a thrill to me ! It was impossible for me to tell which of the several identical black suv's he was in and I think that was the whole idea. Click photos to see them big. Click again after it opens to see it really big.

In the back of my head I sorta expected to see a magnetic sign that said Mr.President, or flags waving or the Pope-mobile and a smiling, waving Mr. Obama.

Dave and I took our folding chairs and some light picnic supplies up to the end of the driveway. Immediately a sheriff showed up and kindly told me that the Secret Service wanted us 75 yards back ...we both agreed that was excessive. He told me to move our chairs back about 20 ft since there were thick palmettos and trees and he couldn't see us there from his 'post' . So we did.

He told us that the caravan would come flying by fast and he was right. Since the whole road was closed, they could do as they pleased. First were several police and sheriff cars, then about 15 motorcycle police then more unmarked cars of various colors, then a bunch of black suv's with very dark windows. We waved and took photos as best we could. I had a pad and pen w/ me in case they broke down or stopped and needed a jumper cables or something, I was ready for an autograph ;o)

After I was back in the house I got phone calls from 2 friends both telling me they were stuck in the worst traffic jam in their lives. Seems the caravan went on down to the beach highway and then up Hwy 161 and then on to a bar on the water called Tacky Jacks...who knew !! I bet those tourists who just happened to be there got a huge shock. I saw on the news that the Pres was chatting w/ diners and shaking hands this outdoor watering hole. I bet he used the rest room too as turns out he did take the Mobile Bay Ferry across to Fort Morgan. The ferry does have a bathroom but it is a hot metal box about as big as a matchbox and in 100 degree heat...I think one would cook in it.

Locally it seems our road was the only one totally shut down and announced in advance, so the poor people getting off work in town and the people just driving on Beach Hwy all got stuck behind barricades and sat in their cars in 100 degrees for-e-v-e-r.

The Pres is spending the night in Pensacola tonight. I wonder where? I fully expected him to go to one of the nearby military bases. But he didn't. I am so glad he came here and actually saw the water and beaches for himself. Surely to goodness his attention to this matter sends a message to B-P. And also to other oil companies who may have previously taken safety short-cuts.

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