Saturday, March 22, 2008

What is Wrong w/ my Thumbs ?

I have been meaning to ask this for a long time.

About 6 months ago, I went bicycle riding after a long period of no riding. Nothing in particular happened as I recall. BUT...a few days later I noticed that when I first woke up in the mornings , my right thumb would jump in and out of the joint at the first bend (from the tip).

It didnt hurt at all , just was amusing. Then my left thumb started doing it. Then few days later, the jump-out-jump-in motion started hurting.

My thumbs would do it during the day any time I opened them out fully or picked up something in the wrong way. I bought some little metal finger braces at drug store and started wearing them while sleeping. Cant say that it helped, except it prevented me for waking up in pain while I reached for covers and my thumbs 'went out'.

I tried to do some Internet research but everything seemed to be about thumb issues w/ the lower joint, the one where the thumb joins the hand.

Here it is half a year later and my thumbs are still doing this, some days more than others.

The worse thing was when I flew to Memphis one time this winter, here I was scampering up a steeply inclined highly polished floor at the airport, pulling luggage, toting laptop, etc..and my lame right foot rubber sole 'caught' on the inclined flooring and I flew forward. I had presemce of mind to protect the laptop at all costs, so I held it high and paid little attention to how my body landed. Fortunately almost no one was near me in this hallway. Two airport workers, can't remember if pilots or plain staff, but they had on rather dressy uniforms as I recall, came to my aid. They were saying things like "Are you OK?" Should we call 911"..and I am saying, no dont do that, I am fine, just caught my foot...stiff legs after flight, etc...but my right thumb was out of joint. It hurt really bad. I couldnt do anything , like get up, till I dealt w/ the thumb. I couldnt get it to bend back the right way (towards palm of my hand)...I was asking the men, "Pull out on my thumb", PLEASE, ...they didnt want to do it cause I guess they thought it was the adolescent fart trick. Or, they didnt want to get sued for malpractice. Anyway, I sat there pulling out on my thumb w/ my other hand until I could get it to bend on around the right way.....crazy....

I dont have time right now to go looking for some hand specialist.

Anyone out there have any ideas ? Anyone know any PT for this thumb condition ?


Lundy said...
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Lundy said...

Well, I keep trying to leave a live link and my links keep not working. So anyway..
I have gotten several helpful emails from family and friends. I am adding some of that info here so others who end up here from search might benefit. Frances S. told me about a company who makes these silver ring splints that allow the finger or thumb to bend inward but not outward. Plus they look like they would be a lot more comfortable than popcycle stick splints.
Silver ring Splint
If this link won't work, then just type it in your browser.

I dont know how much they charge. They want you to get measured by a 'trained' technician PT person in your area. I emailed in my zip code but they only sent back brief "No one available" info on surrounding areas like mobile or P'cola.
IMHO--Their sales dept needs to get more 'with it', I mean how hard is it to look up a zip code and get the surrounding area's zips ? I do it all the time.