Saturday, July 26, 2008

Now it is the shoulder

Absolutely unbelievable....when my hands were still in bandages from thumb surgery, I picked up a latex stretch band that had been around for years and while carrying it from room to room, I wrapped it around my shoulders and pulled it tight in front of my arms and was thinking that maybe I would start doing some resistance band exercising if I kept it near the desk. The next day I felt sore in the upper arm and when I went to the thumb doctor for post op follow-up app't I asked him about the area where I was having the pain my upper shoulder. got worse every day and worse and worse...even tho I was 'babying' it.
I have since been to the shoulder specialist in P'cola and then had a MRI yesterday here in Gulf Shores. I didn't even ask how much it is going to cost me, I have been in agony.

I pick up the MRI results on Monday on CD to take w/ me on Thurs (I think it is, got to look it up) back to the shoulder doctor. I suppose I will have to have surgery, it hurts that bad.

Now here is the amazing part...MY BODY GOT MAGNETIZED OR SOMETHING,....
the Imaging Center where I got the MRI is right behind W-M so I ran into the store for a couple of items. I went in the garden center entrance, as I always do and set the doorway alarms off. The manager of that dept just happened to be standing nearby, I said "Roger, how come I am setting off the alarm, ?" His reply "it is probably your cell phone' was my BODY !!!

When I exited, I set it off again and they wanted to see my receipt (Roger, who knows me wasn't around), and no matter what I did, the alarm went off. I had on no metal, no watch (still in purse from MRI), no earrings, etc...and I pushed the cart w/ my purse in it on thru the doorway, and still every time I moved back and forth the alarm went on-off-on-off. The W-M employees were amazed.

So you know that stuff about magnets curing your ills? Magnets in your shoes or blanket, etc... well, I should be damn near perfect now.

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