Monday, September 01, 2008

Happy Labor Day

Our labor days were the last two days. Stephen came down and really helped by burning a pile of wood scraps that had gotten way too big. It wind had blown all that scrap around it could have done a lot of damage. Plus it was all piled on the south side of the house, facing the glass. The photo shows where the pile WAS.

We put the hurricane panels in the south facing windows. Dave closed all the remaining hinged shutters on the guesthouse. In the morning, Juan and Jose came over and helped move furniture about from living room to condo and condo to condo, etc...more on why we had to do that later. Juan and Jose also helped secure loos building materials in our rented container. There is a ton of cement tile in the container too.

The upper shutters have since blown off, but they were there when Harry made the panels for the lower ones. They have 2 x 4 frames behind them and are really heavy and hard even for two adults to get up into place. They are strong tho--no doubt about it. But I am going to have to re-think the whole hurricane shutter issue once we get thru all this. The new house is getting impact glass, like car windshields.

The rust (iron) on the guest house wall is there because of the ground water irrigation and I just have not taken the time to get it off. I prob will now, it looks so awful. I have some stuff I can spray on it to dissolve it.

Everyone was so concerned that if we had high wind, the cornice pieces might blow off the top row of blocks. They are not attached all the way yet. They only have threaded rods thru them now and will get rebar and back-fill concrete when al of them are up there. For a while, Dan, my builder, wanted Mike, the crane operator to take all the cornice off and set it on the ground. This would have cost about an extra 1000 bucks (which I do not have). In the end, since the Hurricane Gustov headed more west, we decided to risk it.

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