Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Mid Sept Report

Today we got a truck w/ the three huge curved cornice pieces that we have been waiting on from DacArt. I got a phone call from a friend asking why I had the whole highway blocked w/ this semi flatbed turning around to back in my I went dashing over. No make-up or hair-do, but I did take time to slap on some lipstick. And sure enuf, there were the three cornices and the rest of our concrete steps. I took photos which I will try to get onto later today.

I had to quickly paint concrete acid stain onto the two curved cornice pieces that they managed to get on the ground face-up. One still has to be flipped over so I can get to the parts I need to color. But two are finished now so I am back at Hardwood Dr and they can place the two that are colored before I get over there to color the third one.

My good friend, Becky, who lives in Baton rouge sent me a bunch of photos that show how bad her neighborhood got torn up from Hurricane Gustav. She lives in an older , established neighborhood with very,very tall trees. It is sorta like the Hein Park area in Memphis or Morningside .Anyway, he house is basically undamaged but some of her trees are THROUGH her neighbors homes. She said there was no electricity but that she and Warren have a natural gas (or maybe it is propane) generator, so they have A/C. And they are 90 miles inland. And this happened before Hurricane Ike. I can't imagine how high insurance for coastal locations is gonna zoom to.

I finally got the Island Winds West condo completely re-done. Lots of hard work, but it looks nice. Dave helped tons. He worked several long evenings up there in that condo. Plus the big furniture swap on a Saturday. Heather's husband , Russ stripped wallpaper from both bathrooms, and re-painted them. We all scrubbed, painted, swapped furniture, swapped out bed linens, repaired stuff, and Heather and I scrubbed some more and replaced a lot of kitchen stuff and it was the hottest part of the summer. Now we are done, I had better sell it fast.

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