Thursday, October 16, 2008

Greetings from the Dominican Republic

Trip went fine getting here. Airports are never fun but it wasn't too bad. Nice hotel right smack dab in the center of a 3 million people city...Santo Domingo. I am going to try to upload some photos if the hotel will let me use my USB thumb drive in their computer. Later on I may pay for the 24 hrs of wireless, but I have not yet. Wasnt sure I had brought my laptop power cord, buty found it this afternoon. Anyway, everything great here so far. Lots of horn honking. Reminds me of Jerusalem in that respect.
Tonight is the tile company cocktail reception. Slept late and then had a big breakfast at the hotel buffet and omlet bar, lots of tropical fruit. Then walked around mostly along the shoreline drive. Then to the pool for some reading and short nap, now in the business center. This hotel is great. Hotel Santa Domingo.
Climate here is about like Gulf Shores when we left town. Warm sunny days, cooler nights, humidity like Alabama. Friendly people so far.

Well it does not seem to recognize the USB port, so I guess it is disabled. No photos till later.
Now on different computer, accepted the flash drive. They have these humongous lanterns hanging in the lobby area of the hotel. I mean these lanterns are about maybe 10 ft tall. GIANT...

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Carol said...

Hi Lundy,

Looks beautiful! Be sure to post food pictures. I'm guessing the dollar is much stronger now. If only there weren't so many fewer of them (dollars) these days!