Monday, October 20, 2008

more from the DR

internet still difficult. big resort but some of the biz center's computers don't work properly, we show up forgetting the tiny slip of paper w/ our 24 minutes of access code , so just one thing afer only answering urgent email. The beach is fabulous, there are a bunch of Russians here. It is a fam trip to get a bunch of Russian travel agents excited about sending vacationers here I suppose. They dont smile much and they dont communicate at all w/ us. Today we saw people from Korea, and a lot of German speaking people. Last night we had dinner in the reservation only japanese restaurant. definately not Benihana , was kinda funny mediocre at best. this huge AI resort (all inclusive) is owned by a Spanish an and the food is basically without seasoning, which is what I experienced in Spain.
hese places are located in an area where all there is are huge AI wandering about looking for local estaurants is not much of an option. but the architecture is incredible and the showershave tons of hot water. I have made friends w/ folks here to get back in touch w/ afer I return and do tile biz and after all, this is what I came for, that and to photo cement tile installations. So i am a happy camper. And no tummy upsets at all, so this is wonderful...

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