Sunday, October 17, 2010

More Morocco Photos

Camels in front of the modern side of the river. We walked across the rocky riverbed to get to the ancient city.

Dave on a terrace overlooking an ancient adobe village on a hill side. This old settlement has been used in lots of movies. Especially the Jesus movies. We walked across a wide dried up river bed to go climb into the old city. It is a UN Historic Landmark w/ official status and all.

Up into the Atlas Mountains. Mostly very dry except for the valleys where lots of fruit trees and are and vegestables are grown. Lots of sheep...very Biblical looking.

Daniel said the water table in Morocco has dropped from something like 20 ft to 65 ft. Everything is much drier and many streams and rivers are dried up what once ran all year. Now they only run when the snows melt. Wells must now be dug much deeper. I am really convinced that there are way too many people in both countries we visited on this trip. I do nto know how they grow enuf food for the population in Morocco. Ditto Spain. Madrid now has 4 million people, all around the city are miles and miles of futuristic prison-looking high-rises, that look like the ones you used to drive thru to get into Chicago. (I think some of them are now torn down , but it used to look like a space movie to me.) I remember Barcelona being the same....I was told that the TV and such promotes birth control and since it is a socialist government that they do anything they can to irritate the Catholics. We don´t see people going to church here at all so I don´t know if the old Catholic notion of tons of kids is alive and well or not. But there are too many people everywhere. I am glad I wont be alive in 50 years.

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