Thursday, May 08, 2008

It's May

May is flying so fast. The weather is perfect, we finally started having warm nights. I think the A/C at Hardwood Dr isnt working, but we have a little 100v window unit in the bedroom that Heather & I use for an office so I run that and leave all the doors open. So far so good.

I talked to the guys at Auburn Univ. and found out that no one has a salt tolerant website that any of us knows about. So I registered I wish it didn't have two "T"s together, people tend to misspell double letters in URL's. I have been taking photos of the plants tha tI observe to be especially salt tolerant. When studies are done about salt tolerance at AG schools, they do not really simulate the conditions at the seaside. The air borne salt is not part of the testing I don't think. I looked up the regular type domains but they are all registered. But I just now did register so I may use it later on. I might be able to sell a few plants thru affiliate programs on it as well as have a very good, helpful info site.

Tomorrow I go see a doctor in P'Cola about my thumbs. I somehow screwed them up riding a different bicycle than my usual, It was 6 months ago at least, they have not gotten better, sometimes seems trhey are better then they get worse.

Too sleepy to write more, ....zzzz

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