Friday, May 23, 2008

Steve Young in Fairhope, AL

Well, I really never thought I would get to see Steve Young preform live. But I did. And it was OUTSTANDING !
I was looking in last weeks Mobile Register newspaper (which I almost never do) and just happened to see a tiny article saying that Steve Young was going to be at this little used CD store in Fairhope, AL on Thurs nite. It said there were 50 seats at 10 bucks each.
Couldn't believe it.

I got my first Steve Yound CD in Austin, TX at the famous Waterloo Record store at the suggestion of radio programmer, Ed Dirmeier who was there too. Up until then, I had mostly only heard his songs that got indy radio play, like "Silverlake". But I knew it was a very special voice and equally special guitar skills, so I knew I'd enjoy everything on it and I did.

Turns out that Steve Young (not the football player, BTW) has a mom that lives in Fairhope. This is great news, as I might get to see him again one of these days. His mom is 85 yrs old but looks and acts about 75. I'd never have guessed that she was as old as she is. She sat in front of me on first row, Dave and I were on second row. We brought a bottle wine. I sat next to Terry Branch who is the wife of one of the musicians who did a few songs before Steve preformed.

Boy or boy, I wish that Gulf Shores had a little more of the offerings that Fairhope does. Fairhope is just an hour or so away, so it is pretty close. Fairhope is on Mobile bay and is one of the last two remaining single-tax colonies in the States. You don't own your home outright, you lease it for 99 yrs at a time from the town corporation, a non-profit. They are all ticky about what you can and can't do in Fairhope, and that is a pain, but it costs so much to live that that it does tend to keep out the riff-raff and we could sure use a dose of that down here.

Speaking of riff-raff. Today in the bank drive-in window, I was several rows over and a guy in another lane was told by the cashier behind the glass window that she could not cash the ck he presented as there was not enuf funds to cover the ck. He argued and still she said that SHE couldnt, that he would need the approval of an officer and at that moment no one was there to approve it. (Now, In MHO the bank should have an officer there all the time, but that is another matter) so the driver of the pick-up truck hollers at her that she is a BITCH and drives off.

Think I will go put on a Steve Young CD.

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