Friday, May 16, 2008

First Cement Tiles Arrive--Yipee !!!

My first tiles arrived yesterday. I got 3 boxes which I just found in the garage. I wasn't here when they came. The three groups of tile came on another bigger order of other's tile to Wholesale Tile in Tampa. They re-boxed them w/ extra packing and shipped them on to me. They look fabo. I am very pleased. Just one issue w/ some yellow color shades that are not the colors they are suppose to be, so the different areas do not show up well against each other as they should.
I got just a few of three of the tiles I plan to use in the new house.
The casual kid's look sailboat tiles go in the guest bathroom. Some people think it is silly and juvenile looking, and it is. But it always makes me smile. The ribbon tiles will go in stripes in the upstairs half-bath. The blue and white wave tile called Surf will go all over the top floor living area.
These are patterns from Villa Lagoon Tile

The color is in a thick layer that will take centuries to wear thru.
Click on some of the photos to see huge ones that show the nice variations in color.

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Carol said...

Hey L,

They look GREAT! Can't wait to see them in place. I know you're excited to finally have them!