Monday, June 02, 2008

Steve Hutton Wedding on the Beach

Yesterday afternoon, my nephew, Steve Hutton got married to Kelly Nelson down in front of The Beach Club on Ft. Morgan Rd. It is about 6 miles down from me. Perfect weather for an outdoor wedding. Steve has 3 little girls, and Kelly has two boys. Her parents came down and my sister, Lisa and her husband, Henry were here too. It was a short, sweet ceremony and we had a fun dinner at The Beach Club on the veranda afterwards. I think everyone, including the children, had a good time. The Hutton side of the family will be down here for a week total. So nice for me to get to spend time w/ them. Here is a bunch of wedding photos that I took, click on them to see it bigger.
During dinner, Marie, Steve's youngest asked me when the wedding was gonna start. I told her that it had already happened out on the beach. She said, Oh no, it has to have LOTS of people standing in rows and the bride and groom have to walk down between them. I told her that this was a short , sweet different kind of wedding and she should be glad for it. I told her that surely she would have gotten really tired and bored and probably fussed at more if this had been a big church wedding. We were all glad that this was a short, sweet wedding.

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