Monday, June 02, 2008

Thumbs Up

Tomorrow is my thumb surgery--both of them. Less expensive that way, a bit more inconvenience but shouldn't be too bad. I am pretty good w/ my other 4 digits per hand. The surgery is called Release of the A1 pulley. Trigger Thumb--Online it says: A mismatch between the flexor tendon and the proximal pulley mechanism occurs in most cases. Several studies have demonstrated a correlation between this condition and activities that require exertion of pressure in the palm while a powerful grip is employed or that involve repetitive, forceful digital flexion (eg, arc welding, use of heavy shears).
I say: OR BICYCLING w/ gear levers in weird positions that you are not used to !

Bruce Minkin, who grew up next door tome, is now a hand specialist in Ashville. I contacted Bruce who had Dr. Robt Cameron of P'cola call me. This doctor does this surgery several times a week. He says it will only take about 15 min and my recovery is less that an week. He says it has a very good outcome. He told me that the shots in the thumb route has a poor outcome in thumbs that have lost the flexibility that mine have. I will be glad to get this over with and have the pain stop.
Send all get-well cards w/ money in them to:
Lundy Wilder
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Anonymous said...

Hey Lundy,

I'll be thinking of you tomorrow. Be sure to give us an update soon!