Saturday, June 14, 2008

Thumbs are doing well

Thanks to everyone who wished me well when I had thumb surgery. Both hands, ...I felt like a silly person w/ monkey hands for a couple days. But now they are becoming healed.

I got Dave to take the stitches out last Wed since the skin was growing over them and grossing me out and he skin was trying to grow over a knot and the attached cut ends of thread so the skin was all irritated and hurting like a splinter in your hand. So he took them out for me.

At my app't on Fri. the doctor was somewhat astounded that we did that, but was about 10 days post-op and the stitches needed to come OUT. I still cant bend my thumbs back all the way that I used to be able to...seems that I had extra wide range-of-motion before, acc'd to him, but they were in splints so much for 6 months that those muscles and tendons and such are probably never gonna stretch out like they were before. They are 100% usable now and that is all that matters.

I asked him questions about several other areas of my bod while I was there. I told him that I wanted my money's worth. Mostly he responded that getting old was the pitts and I should expect such things and did I think I was gonna avoid all the getting old stuff...and I said YES, if I could.

He ended up X-raying both my thumbs in 3 positions to look at the joints. I told him that they looked like they were twisting to me. Same pronouncement...old age. Me and Bob Dylan it seems(see previous post).

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