Saturday, August 02, 2008

Good Tile Publicity

The popular decor blog, Apartment Therapy LA Edition featured my Villa Lagoon Tile yesterday. They wrote a nice chunk of text and used several image off the site. They linked to my website. This is a good thing, in terms of people seeing it and also 'link love'.

And speaking of the tile, my BIG order is in transit between Port of Miami and Driveway of Villa Lagoon. We have rented a 20 ft container to store it in until we are ready to lay it. I hope that the order includes most of my samples of the tiles in the other colorways as I have several people waiting to order a sample or two before they place a real order. One is a big custom home in the midwest (as I recall), and another is a doctor's sunroom addition or remodel in Florida. My very first (besides my own) real order has already been placed & paid for. It is the Surf "Aqua" for a kitchen in NYC. She will get delivery after Sept 15th due to the factory relocating. But that is only about 6 weeks away...can you believe it !

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