Friday, June 22, 2007

Too busy to blog

Every day I think, well I had better spend the time I sit in front of a computer doing something that earns money.

I had to make two trips to meet with the land zoning dept office this week...they were very nice, optimistic and helpful....jes doin' their job. And good thing too, les it start to look like Pensacola around here.

I had to go thru zoning since I want two separate buildings on this R-1 lot. I had bring plans, photos, to write letters, etc..stating that I would not use the small house as a separate living structure. All the magazine articles and good photos therein helped my cause I think.

Just got a call from my builder, Dan Z and he said finally I should get my permit this afternoon or first thing Monday a.m. The inspectors wanted some sort of letter from Anil Badve the engineer, so Dan rounded that up and got it to them so looks like my trees may come out starting on Monday.

Dan plans to be here on Monday to meet w/ concrete guy, start getting prices, etc...looks like the project will begin. He called a few minutes ago and first thing he said was "You wanna build a house?"

Heather and I have been working like crazy on the scrapbook site, we added Police, Fireman, etc...sets plus new Father's Day that we got on there just in the nick of time. We still do lotsa of updates to the condo rental site, shrimp fest , etc...

Last night was a chamber party at one of the local banks, good food, good music. They had a tent in the parking lot and food and bar inside the bank lobby. I left there early and went over to FishTails restaurant at The Wharf, sat at the bar and had a beer and watched the chaos for a while. They were really busy. The food looked good but I was full from the Chamber thing.

We finally got two days with rain this week, so all my grass has bolted and has gone to seed. If you walk thru the centipede at Hardwood Dr it looks like you are covered w/ fire ants up to your ankles.

I have been working like crazy on my Villa Lagoon promo stuff...lots of graphics layouts and labels, brochures, etc...I am sorta in the middle of it all right now. Maybe start printing this weekend. Got to get this stuff mailed out...see some of it at

The billboards are up in Pensacola w/ the Sertoma 4th of July Fireworks---Bay Blast. Dave designed the logo for the event and I got to work on it some too. He took a photo of one on Navy Blvd and emailed it yesterday. He still has some posters, get the graphics done and to the printer.

I still read and see lots of odd and funny things online, but just dont have time to post info about them here, but I book mark them so hopefully you can see 'em here later on. Or better yet, start yer own blog and let me come to it to see the cool stuff you run across. Love ya all madly. (remember Geo. Klein)

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