Sunday, February 17, 2008

1and1 no longer support FP extensions

We got an email, well, 3 of them, on Fri about mid-day saying that they would no longer support MS Frontpage extensions and after 4 days (a weekend and national holiday included) the extensions would be removed from the servers. We spend a whole day searching for a local copy of Dreamweaver, called friends in other states trying to get someone to overnight it to us....yipes, 3 days now...still searching...finally buy it on the phone from a place in FL for almost 100 dollars cheaper ($309) and add on overnight shipping at extra we could do.

I just got off the phone w/ 1and1....they told me to re-read my email letter carefully, and note that the only functionality that would not be working after the specified date is the stuff listed at the bottom of the letter. (which does includes forms).

They said, in the States , shared borders and includes (SSI) will continue to work. Not sure outside of the states.

I was in a huge panic as we have about 25 FP sites and all navigation plus more is in includes and or shared borders. Monday is a holiday in the states and they gave me 4 days which included a weekend and a way to treat customers, they could have given us a months notice.
Meanwhile I have ordered Dreamweaver...I dont want MS to leave me in a lurch again.

I am posting this here in hopes that others around the world that are in the same boat will see the extra info the 1and1 tech gal gave me tonight. It was my 4th phone call to 1&1 about this shocking news but tonight was the first time I got this additional info.

L. W.

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