Saturday, February 16, 2008

Helps put things into a new perspective

This article on CNN totally brought me to tears. I skip most news articles but this one's title caught my eye.
Disabled Iraqi children get wheelchairs, big smiles

Beautiful day here, Rain was forecast a few days back. One lone Mexican is working on my house today. I said hey to him. It is Sat. s the total crew works on weekends, sometimes, no one and today, just him.

Terrible news on Friday morning...the web host of about 20 of my sites, some mine, some for others, is deleting all MS Frontpage 'extensions' in 4 days, the email said. This means loss of functionality of all the sites which were built using FP's mini- behind the scenes programs that provide navigation and other shared functions. I wont bore y'all w/ the details, but let me tell you it is both a mental and physical scramble to figure out what to do and how to go about it and how to get my hands on the needed software in warp time.

I called all over the neighboring cities and no one has on hand what we decided (we think ) need. $400 program. Just ordered it on phone. Won't arrive till Tues it looks like, even w/ overnight shipping. Huge mess for us and absolutely freaking unbelievable that would do this to its loyal customers. Give 4 days warning and two of the days are weekend and the last day is a national (why? ) postal and bank and school holiday. I am putting the name of the company here twice, in hopes that they see the results of their unbelievable decision in some google-bombs. has done a terrible rotten thing

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Anonymous said...

Aunt Lundy, thought I'd stop by your blog. I'm still psyched on your crane purchase. And...I am in the midst of downloading some songs by Chris Smither, who you took me to go see at the Laurel Theater in Knoxville many years ago. He covered some Bob Dylan songs that are almost good as his originals. Aunt Lundy, you rock (plus you own a crane). Thanks for the T-shirts, I am wearing one at this exact moment...the cookies were good too.