Saturday, February 02, 2008

Memphis Bound

My Daddy died last night. I'll be heading to Memphis and it looks like by car. I've ck'd all he flights, even did Priceline where I don't get to specify a time or route but the only offer was too close to full price and about 3 times what driving costs. But worse, if I had agreed to there price I might have had to go thru Detroit or something and leave at 6 a.m. (which as we all know means leaving G.S. for P'cola about 3:30 a.m., no thanks). If Priceline had accepted my offer , which was what I paid to fly in December, then I'd have clicked the --OK button, and hoped for the best, but they didn't.

Luckily, Cary is in Memphis already. She flew in on Thurs or Fri and had planned to stay a few days. Momma pretty much already has all the funeral details figured out ahead of time, but she and Cary don't know when Lisa and Henry get back from Costa Rica, and haven't called the church yet, so don't know if funeral will be Mon or Tues.

The carpenters are outside hammering like crazy. They are putting the top decking on the floor joists. Sunny but chilly day. Should warm up to about 70 I'd say in mid-day which is great for all the Mardi Gras parades. There are tons between now and Fat Tuesday, which I won't be here for.
Last year, I rode on the Chamber float on Mardi Gras day. There was a parade last night and they'll be all day on Tues, plus Wayne Toups and his band are playing at a free concert (dance?) in Orange Beach, compliments of the Chamber. The big snafu down here is somebody scheduled voting day on Mardi Gras day. Big mess. The kids are out of school, streets are closed and parades are everywhere. Voting has had to be moved all around from the usual places and no one will have voting on their minds anyway. They did some kind of early voting thing on account of it, but I don't remember the details.

Well, gotta clean house, pack, etc..

Poor Daddy was so reduced to a mindless skeleton almost so his passing is a blessing. Good thing Cary was around to stop them sending him to hospital when his breathing got so shallow. The Village had already called the ambulance but seems Cary intervened. Doesn't matter how many 'do not resuscitate" and 'no feeding tubes' papers you sign, seems if you are not on site then there is a good chance it is gonna happen anyway.

I'll post photos of how it looks from up on top floor of house on later today.

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