Friday, September 15, 2006


The cable company from hell.
I have probably spent 30 hours either on hold or talking to the tech support guys in Gulf Breeze since August 2nd. My televesion is unwatchable and my internet access goes on and off (mostly off) repeatedly all day and night.
I have had repair work scheduled something like 8 times and all have been no-shows.
I wish I had documented every phone call, etc...and I could go before the Alabama Public Service Commission.
I realize tha the hurricanes have given them a hard way to go. But, it is a year past Katrina, 2 years past Ivan for goodness sakes. I was very sympathetic post hurricane, the clean up all up and down the shore resulted in repeated cuts in the lines, but what I can't understand is the scheduled appointments and being stood up with no explaination.

I have DSL in addition to cable Internet, so I am not paralyzed, but I have things set up in a way that certain computers are on cable and others on DSL. If I don't continue to insist that they do something about my service, nothing willhappen. In fact the official service record shows that they 'fixed' it twice in this time period !!

So frustrating.....

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