Tuesday, September 26, 2006


I drove to Memphis on Sunday. Made it in 7 and one half hours. I arrived to some lovely weather and it is a good thingh since the A/C for the upstairs in my parents house is out. I opened the windows and it has been cool enuf outside for a perfect temp upstairs. I think the A/C is out in the guesthouse too. I have been keeping the doors open in there and it is musty and needs some fresh air anyway.

I am on dial-up here and it is so slow. Plus, the phone jacks are in odd places, so I am having to sit on the floor in the upstairs hall w/ my itty bitty laptop perched on an empty box beteween my legs and the mini-mouse on the rug beside it. Not too comfortible, so mostly I justy ck email and do minimum computer time.

I am rather slow going thru these packed put boxes of Miller's belongings. I have found all sortsd of electronic stuff. Some I can't figure out whast it is or does. I have one Uniden device that has a screen and clips on a belt loop it looks like and has a speaker....still don't know what it does.

I found, not only our old Canon camcorder ( I had wondered what happened to it) but also a later model SHarp ViewCam w/ 16X optical zoom. I searched around on the web last night to get some idea how old it was and it seems to be from 1999-2000. People paid up to 5 or 6 hundred dollars at that time and seemed pleased w/ the product. Of course Sharp no longer supports it, so there waS nothing on their website. I have one of the rechargable batteries charging now, so maybe I can maker a little video of the place my folks are movingto and uploadf it to YouTube or similar. Might have to wait until I am back in Gulf Shores to upload video tho...dial-up here is too slow, esp on UPloads. In fact, the whole dial-up experience is so slow, it is almost useless unless you want to spend a day doing click-and-wait.

I cleaned about 4 lbs of shrimp this morning and am going to the grocery & taking Daddy w/ me. Errands like this take a good bit of time, so I am not getting the boxes dealt with as quickly as I'd like. Plus, I get fascinated by what is in them and spend a fair amount of time reading. I do have two big trash bags full and a big box for Goodwill and one for the ebay drop-off store I spotted yesterday.

I may locate the nearest coffee shop w/ wireless...this dial-up is making me crazy. I have to wait about 4 or 5 min for every screen of blogger to download and display , just to do THIS post, even w/ just one browser window open. I am on Earthlink and it says 50.6 kbps transfer. I am also just so use to having 5 or more browser windows open at once and switching from one to another doing several things at once.

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nm. said...

Glad you made it safe and sound. Loved our chat. I can empathize w/ your slow computer prob.! I've got broadband and tonight it took me an HOUR to run spybot and adaware. I was ready to scream. I blame it on Lucky playing games on her super computer but I fear I just needto buy more (expensive) memory. Know a good place to buy?? Tell your family I send greetings.