Wednesday, September 20, 2006


Very busy day today. Had a meeting with the new owners of Baby Beach Rentals. One day last week, they emailed me and said they were thinking about buying an additional domain and have it re-direct to their main domain. They mentioned maybe registering it with GoDaddy. I told them that the domain they had in mind was be a good idea since it is an easy 'type-in' domain but I told them I'd recommend that they not use GoDaddy.
Too late.

I get an email a day or two later that said they had used the GoDaddy site to check to see if the domain they wanted was available (it was) and went back a day or two later and low-and-behold some offshore domain holding co had scarfed it up immediately and it was registered thru a Belgium registrar.

This is a domain that is a combo of 3 words and unlikely to be registered by anyone except people watching at GoDaddy to see what other people search for.
Second time this has happened to people I know. First time was last year to a doctor I know with an unusual name and he searched thru GoDaddy for and it was , of course, available, and next day it was registered by someone else and they offered to sell it back to him for 200 bucks. He bought it.

Moral of story: Stay away from GoDaddy and if you see a domain you are interested in is available, buy it on the spot no matter where you did your search.

Today I picked up my completed 2005 income tax returns. Finally. Went to post office and mailed 4 certified envelopes. Glad to have that out of the way. The CPA has a red stamp and had KATRINA stamped all over everything....the deadline in the GoZone was extended to Oct 15 after Katrina. Of course, I then had to run from bank to bank moving money so my checks would be good.

More errands, Cable Co office, Electric Co office, Telephone Co office , all to correct auto-payments that were coming out of the wrong CPA will be so proud of me. I am glad I went to the electric co. Found out I was paying for the electricity in a condo I don't own. anymore. Maybe I should look more closely at my bank statements !!
Just a couple months and I think I can get reimbursed.

Before I left the house, I heard motor noises outside and my sweet Hardwood Dr neighbor was over here on the lagoon cutting my grass. I knew he had said he was coming down this weekend, but he came early and got right on the grass project. By the time I was back from all this tax/bank/errands running around, he had everything weed-eaten and tidy. What a great guy.

Next I did web stuff to send to Heather, who is working every day lately while she is out of school. Then Glenn drove down from Foley and we went to my favorite restaurant, Cosmos in Orange Beach, for dinner. He is working 71 hours this week......he agreed to fill in at Univ of West FL clinic a few days for a friend on top of an already full work week in the Foley hospital emergency room.

Now I am putting together some web pages of photos of Jerry Nasello's DAC-ART building project. They are going on It is a real bare-bones site now, but will gradually take shape. Jerry is building a big 3 story Italian style home about 5 miles down from me. He will have fabulous Gulf views and a fabulous house. It has been a long time coming. There were a bunch of permit obstacles in his way w/ wetlands, beach mouse issues, etc...

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