Sunday, March 25, 2007

DC Crazy

I am going digital camera comparison crazy. I bought a HP camera to replace my trusty R707 and I bought a model that was just a few digits up higher on the HP R series ....and everything is doesn't have a viewfinder ! That means that you have to look at the LCD screen for every shot, something I am totally not used to. And, in beach-bright sunlight, it is hard to see.

The camera uses the same SD cards that I have a stack of, same rechargable HP batteries, same great features as my R707 and similar functionality. But I want a viewfinder. It not only saves battery life, it is a whole lot easier to see when zooming in and out and outside. And I am sooooo used to having one. The new one I got has 5 x optical zoom, so I was all thrilled about that, but no viewfinder.

Dave is interested in buying my pocket sized new camera from me if I get a different model, so I am doing research.......whoa....who knew there were so many different models on the market.

Fast start-up is another consideration, plus I want one that uses SD cards. All this research takes tons of time, plus I am looking at refurbished models when I can find them (better track record). Frames per second is another consideration--I want fast and fast start-up or you miss good shots. I sent a Canon back to Amazon once due to such slow start-up.

And, I ordered an Epson (said I'd never buy another Epson) oversized printer today. I need to be able to print our house plans at a larger than 8 1/2 x 11 size and it cost a blumin' fortune at the print shops. I figured that since Heather and I had been discussing makeing 12" x 12" scrapbook backgrounds in pdf format, and we'd need to do trial prints. Seemed it sorta made sense to get one PLUS I got an email from Epson that they had this printer on special, refurbished ones, free shipping at $199. (Reg about 500 bucks) So I ordered it. Trouble w/ Epson printers, esp this one, it seems, I need to do at least one print, of some sort, a day to keep the print heads from clogging. Please remind me.

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