Wednesday, March 14, 2007


for irregular posts. I just seem to always be so busy. And since I want to be able to do this Phase II house addition, I am pretty focused on the earning money part of my life right now. Another thing is that since Heather works for me every day now, I am more mindful than ever of all the projects I have going on, and getting my part ready for her to do her part.

Tonight is ZZ Top at our new outdoor amplitheater. It is a 'rain or shine' event...and rain is predicted...luckily I won a huge umbrella from Vision Bank the other day, so it may come in handy. Temp is in the 70's, so that is perfect for outdoor concert. Opening act is Robert Fortune Band.
Rockers for sure.

Last weekend I went w/ Dave to a fund raiser fish fry on Pcola Beach. He took photos as he does the newsletter for the organization. I took a few too. I didnt realize that those would be my last normal looking photos w/ my tough little HPR707. Later that day or maybe the next, it started taking photos that look like Andy Warhol paintings. Very art-sy but not useful for most projects. I read forums for hours, tried everything suggested, but to no avail. So, I went to Amazon and ordered it's successor yesterday. Amazon really does have great prices on stuff. This one was 52% off MSR.

I can't use my own Amazon links (for commission) as it is against the terms of service, so I use WEVL's Amazon link to initiate the purchase. That is my old volunteer, listener supported, indy radio station in Memphis.

Anyway--the new camera, Hp Photosmart R817, is identical size as my old one, same SD cards, same rechargable battery (this is good as I have extras) BUT it is 5X optical zoom instead of 3X , in same little pocket size. I still have my great 10X Toshiba, but it is too large to keep in my purse 24/7.

I think I certainly got my money's worth out of my original HP R707. It is the one that went to Europe w/ me summer before last and I think I have used it every day since.

I went w/ Mark Berson...Chamber Pres. to a very cool fund raiser last Sat night. Great concept. It was for a local private school. Someone had given them a Gees Bend quilt. The whole theme of the party was built around the quilt. All the different grades (it only goes to 8th I think) had made mosaic items inspired by the very colorful and very graphic quilt. The art teacher there must be very high energy and creative. I met her briefly.
Anyway, the tickets were 60 bucks each, but worth it. The food was from Cosmo's, our best restaurant, hands down. I ate 3 octoupii that evening in this great seaweed salad that was on the sushi table. I think Cosmo's little fried fish tenders were the best I have ever tasted in my life. Their crabcakes are the BEST.
The big tented bar in the center of the room was all premium brands, Grey Goose, etc...and they were set up to mix any cocktail you could think of. No waiting lines.
The school had hired a real auctioneer for the higher dollar items, and there was a ton of silent auction stuff around the perimeter of the room. Everything was color co-ordinated to the theme of the quilt...jewel tones.
The stuff the kids had made was outstanding and an oval mirror that I liked went for something like $600. I think it was made by the 4th grade.
They also auctioned a Mustang convertible, a Mercedes, and some sort of 4 wheeler thing.

Yesterday I got my planters on the porch planted and all ready for spring/summer. They came from Momma & Daddy's house. I love them, antique and they have a built in water reservoir in the base. I replanted all my window boxes too. I am lovin' this weather.

Tomorrow night is Biz After Hours party at a new car dealership down here, well, old dealership, new facility.

OK--maybe I can add some photos later today. I am suppose to have lunch w/ the owner of Island TV Network today and do a ton of other stuff before i go w/ Dave to ZZTop tonight.

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