Thursday, March 08, 2007

Invisible Man

Adobe working at new technology to detect if a photo has been manipulated.
The company hopes to develop a plug-in that will detect if a photo has been changed at all since it was taken. According to Farid, this is possible because cameras don't record all the pixels needed for a color image, but instead estimate some colors through a process known as color reconstruction, or demosaicing.

A camera's demosaicing process creates connections between pixels, and "when an image is re-touched, it is likely that these correlations will be destroyed. As such, the presence or lack of these correlations can be used to authenticate an image, or expose it as a forgery," Farid writes in an explanation (.pdf) of the technology he is developing.

See some famous examples of photo published in 'history' and the press that were manipulated.
Look at photos and click 'return to story' to read the ...err story.

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