Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Back in GS

I had a great visit to Memphis. I stayed in Momma's guest bedroom in her new cottage and she was in a very uplifted mood the whole weekend. On Sat, my bro Stephen and his youngest, Hunter, drove up from Greenwood in a pick-up. He loaded the broken side-by-side refrigerator that was in the garage out and Dave and I worked all day empting boxes, making Goodwill boxes, and bringing some stuff into the house. We made big strides and her car would fit in the garage by the end of the day. The older frige was moved from the guest house at the house Momma and Daddy vacated and would have been handy to have for extra space at the new place, but old friges just don't like to be moved....they can run for years sitting in the same spot.....the get moved, even a short distance....and they die.
more later.....

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Anonymous said...

The refrigerant get bubbles in it. If you plug it in without waiting for about 24 hours, especially if you laid it down, the compressor gets air bound and burns out.