Thursday, May 03, 2007


Ever since they changed daylight savings, I find that the hands on the clock turn faster...some weird phenomena. I got up at 6:30 and here it is five of ten...and I have been super busy all morning and I am just now getting out of the shower and sitting here dripping wet, air drying. I have mold growing in my shower that will need to be addressed..."How do you do Black Mold?" may be as far as I get any time soon.

I worked a bunch of last night. I found out that a fellow in Naples. FL who is building a mansion has been uploading video to YouTube, so I made a page to link to all his short film clips :

He may send me some text to add. I need to get his email address and let him know about the page I made. Ted says he is doing a wonderful job, easy to work with. hE DOES STILL PHOTOS AND MAKES NOTES ON THEM W/ A TEXT EDITOR AND ..OPPS CAPS....and uploads the stills on a free photo hosting page for Ted to review.

One batch of the Naples, FL house photos.

OK--gotta run

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