Saturday, May 05, 2007

Daddy's Invention

One funny thing that happened when I was in Memphis : I went over to see Daddy and in the chair in his bedroom was a really soft white stuffed bunny that Momma had gotten at an after Easter sale at Target or someplace like that. I Picked the bunny up and commented that the bunny was oh so soft.

Daddy replied that he had invented that bunny. He said that it came with a cord and adapter for a car cigarette lighter and if you plugged it in, it got warm to take the chill off your hands when you got in a cold car. I was amazed and said something like "Is that so?" and he went on, "Yes, I hold the patent.... and your sister, Lisa sells them".

He was totally serious.
Alzheimers not only causes one to forget, it seems to re-arrange the memories and thoughts that remain.

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Bro said...

Dad told Hunter and me that he started a company and was going to make millions. He invented a golf club that hit the ball straight every time. He said he had a partner. I asked him if it was Cliff F. and he said Cliff did not even know about it but he would let me and my boy get in on the deal. We are going to make millions. He said just ask the black lady that is saving his life. He did not remenber my name nor Hunter's but told Hunter not to be upset that his brother got his car and he did not get a car. He said when the golf clubs start selling Hunter could buy any car he wanted and just laughed outloud. He said, "you just wait and see!"